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Web Site Design and Content Writing

Do you need a web site at an affordable price? We can design a site to suit your needs at an affordable price. Site design is an important part of a company's "look" if not the most important. Even if all your sales are done in person or over the phone, you can be sure that your client is checking out your site to see what you are all about. We can design a site around your exiting company logo and colors, or we can design that for you too. If you want to take part in the overall design, but don't where to start, we have 100's sample templates for you to look through.

Many other companies have sample templates for you to choose from, but your choices are limited to either HTML or a flash site. HTML sites are great for search engine optimization, and flash sites look great - but what makes Alpha and Omega Marketing Group set apart from the rest is we can combine the best of both. Nowadays, your site has to be engaging, to keep your visitors interested. We can add video, some flash, and great design, but what good is a great looking site if nobody can find you? With our SEO experience, we can integrate everything so your customers will find you and be interested when they do. We can even analyze your site to see how well your site is doing on a daily basis.  With our extensive sales and marketing experience combined with our team of expert and well known writers, we can write all your sites content for you as well.


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Web Site Re-Design and Upgrading

With todays ever competing market place and changing technology, it's always a good idea to upgrade your site and keep adding to it all the time. Some of our upgrading  includes adding:



           online catalogs

           sale banners


           speaking charactures and more

           more pages

           new content

And with our SEO experience, all your new designs and upgrades, we will be helping you reach the top of the search engines, not hindering it.

Web Site Maintenance

We can continuously maintain your site and we can bring your site fresh new ideas all the time.The goal is to always get your visitors engaged in the site as much as possible.

Web Hosting

Do you need hosting for your site? We can handle that too. Our hosting services offers:

           complete web based email programs

           unlimited email accounts


           mailing lists

           dedicated IP's

           unlimited domains

           unlimited disc storage



Whatever you need we can get it for you and manage it for you at an affordable price.


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